Rank Function – Numeric Value Rank

RANK Function

The Excel Rank function returns the numeric value when compared to a list of numeric values. You can rank lists in ascending or descending order. Take a look at the following example.


=RANK (number, array, [order])

  • number – The number to rank.

  • array – An array that contains the numbers to rank against.

  • order – [optional field] Rank in ascending or descending order.

Order = “0” Descending order (Largest to smallest)

Order = “1” Ascending order (Smallest to largest)

Order omitted = Default order is descending “0”

In the following example, we have a list of Sales people followed by their total sales. Using the formula, we first select the cell to rank, B3, followed by the cells to compare against. In this case, these cells are B3 through B8. We use the $ around each in order to use the fill feature on the remaining numbers. Finally, we want to use Descending order, so we input 0.

Rank Function

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