Indirect Function


The INDIRECT Function converts a text string into a cell reference. These can be combined to perform calculations or return data from specific cells. By default, Excel does not recognize text strings. For example, you cannot tell Excel to reference “C5”. As a result, if your cell reference is a text string, such as “C5”, you need to convert this cell by using the Indirect Function.


INDIRECT( ref_text, [a1] )

ref_text: A cell reference or a text string (or both), that creates a range reference to a cell, range of cells, or named range.

a1: (optional) Does the reference use A1 reference style?

    • TRUE, or omitted — ref_text is must be “A1” style

    • FALSE — ref_text must be “R1C1” style

Review the below examples to see how to implement the INDIRECT Function. You can also download the example file which may help you understand how to use this function. If you have any questions, please comment below or ask in our forum.

Download INDIRECT Function

Formula Examples


Formula Results


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