DuckDuckGo vs DiscreteSearch – Battle for Privacy

DuckDuckGo vs DiscreteSearch – Battle for Privacy

I published an article a few weeks about DuckDuckGo vs Google. The purpose of the article was to debate whether privacy or better search was more important. It seems a clear majority of people are starting to question the practices of Google and other search engines. There seems to be a dramatic shift towards winning back privacy.

DiscreteSearch vs DuckDuckGo

When looking at our web stat logs, I noticed that we had a couple referral hits from I have never heard of this website so I did a little digging. Much like DuckDuckGo, DiscreteSearch value user’s privacy. Below is an excerpt taken from their about page.

Discrete’s About Page

Discrete Search – The Privacy Based Search Engine
Discrete Search was designed from the ground up with privacy as its core value.
» Intercept & Redirect
Searches that may be tracked are stopped from processing and redirected to our privacy-enhanced search engine.
» Advanced Encryption Techniques
Discrete Search forces an advanced SSL encryption with perfect forward secrecy and also encrypts your search term locally before being sent to our servers.
» Expiring Browser History
No one can snoop on your browser history! After 15 minutes of inactivity your encrypted search term can no longer be viewed.

DiscreteSearch is based out of Limassol, Cyprus. They started seeing significant growth around November 2016. Compared to DuckDuckGo, they have seen consistent growth and user adoption. Also, they seem to be refining their search results in order to remain competitive.

DiscreteSearch Stats

DiscreteSearch vs DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Stats

DiscreteSearch vs DuckDuckGo DiscreteSearch vs DuckDuckGo

Search Results:

In order to compare both search engines, I searched multiple search queries and compared the results. I found that DiscreteSearch does under performs compared to DuckDuckGo. They results were not very fine tuned and resulted in several missed search attempts. Additionally, the search results from DiscreteSearch seemed to be inundated with inline text ads. This also contributed to poor results. DiscreteSearch does have a nice feature that quickly allows you to run the same search on Google, Yahoo (Why use Yahoo ) and Bing. Obviously, your search will no longer be private.

DiscreteSearch vs DuckDuckGo

Lasting Impressions:

After reviewing DiscreteSearch, my preference is to continue to use DuckDuckGo. Their algorithms provide more relevant results. Either way, I’m glad to see increased competition in the search industry.

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