DuckDuckGo vs DiscreteSearch – Battle for Privacy

DuckDuckGo vs DiscreteSearch – Battle for Privacy I published an article a few weeks about DuckDuckGo vs Google. The purpose of the article was to debate whether privacy or better search was more important. It seems a clear majority of people are starting to question the practices of Google and […]

EpiPen Emergency

EpiPen’s are highway robbery

EpiPen’s are highway robbery – This has to change. I was watching TV coverage of Hurricane Irma over the weekend when I saw an advertisement refuting the current price of EpiPens. The advertisement was blasting Mylan for the exorbitant cost of this life saving drug. The ad mentioned how each […]

DuckDuckGo vs Google Search – Privacy or better search?

DuckDuckGo vs Google Search – Privacy or better search? To start, I have been an avid supporter for Google for the past 19 years. In fact, I still rely heavily on Google every single day. I use their email, web services (Adword, Adsense), and mobile software. Give me back my […]

DACA Article from Washington Post

This article was published today from Gleen Kessler at the Washington Post.  It examines how DACA recipients can become legal US citizens. It makes you wonder why Congress is unable to create a direct path to citizenship. Link to Article Excerpt In a news release on Sept. 1, Sen. Charles […]

The end of DACA – Congress must Act!

We need a new Amnesty Program It was announced today that President Trump has decided to end President Obama’s DACA program ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program provides a level of amnesty to certain undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. From the beginning, the legality of […]

Random Numbers

How accurate is Excel’s random number generation?

How accurate is Excel’s random number generation? Since the inception of Microsoft Excel, much discussion has been given to it’s accuracy of random number generation. After compiling the RANDBETWEEN tutorial, I started thinking about random integer generation in more detail. Based on what I have read and experienced, Excel is […]

Top 5 Functions to use in Excel – 2017

Excel would not be Excel without Functions. Since the inception of Excel, they have continued to add new functions with each new release.   Based on user traffic and input, here are the Top 5 Functions to use in Excel. This list was generated based on real traffic results over […]

$1400 iPhone 8 is outrageously priced

$1400 iPhone 8 is outrageously priced, if the rumors are true… I was reading an article from the The Wall Street Journal over the weekend and came across an article regarding the potential 1400 iPhone 8 that is slated to come out some time in the fall. Before I started […]